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June 26, 2012

Using Windows Azure IaaS to host SharePoint 2010

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This post is a follow-up to one I wrote awhile back, where we hosted SharePoint 2010 in a standalone VM Role (the Compute offering). That obviously was not supported / durable and was really just as a POC to see if it could be done.

Now that Microsoft has announced their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering (aka durable VM instances) and I’ve had some time to play with it, I thought it would be a good idea to share a powershell script I use to host SharePoint Farms in Microsoft’s Azure data centers in a way that will eventually be supported (once out of preview).

All this stuff is in preview, so proceed at your own risk.

I’ve created a sample powershell script after watching a great Tech Ed talk by Paul Stubbs. I don’t want to re-create good content for the sake of it, so I’ll just point you at his talk and give you the script to hopefully save you some time (since I couldn’t find his).

This script also assumes a lot of manual steps like rdp’ing into your domain controller box and running dcpromo, installing the SharePoint bits, configuring the SharePoint environment. It’s main purpose is to get you a physical environment where you can host SharePoint outside of your datacenter, so don’t expect to run it and have a fully configured SharePoint environment up and running.

The hands on labs are also good to get a feel of how to work with the powershell scripts.

Warning: The script sets up a lot of VMs (6 ->; 12 cores) and disks (14 ->; 6 OS disks, 7 100 GB data disks [for logs and data], and 1 15 GB data disk for the AD box). You will be charged for these, so make sure you delete the VMs, Disks, Virtual Network, services, once you are done.

In a production environment, you’ll likely want to add a redundant AD box, but it’s easy enough to do with the sample script.

I hope this saves you all some time.

Link to script: http://sdrv.ms/KBRxcf

Alt hosted on my company’s GitHub page:  https://github.com/AppliedIS/sp-azure-iaas


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