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August 24, 2015

Quick Tip to Triage Recycling Azure Cloud Services

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If you are in an environment where your Azure Cloud Services are recycling, have RDP access to the instances, but can’t enable intellitrace; then try enabling Fusion Logs and copying fuslogvw.exe onto the server to figure out what are the missing dependencies.

In the fusion log viewer, if you filter to view only the failed bindings, then look for the RoleManager, you will see binding failure entries if a missing assembly is causing the recycling.

See Scott Hanselman’s post on how to enable the fusion logs.


January 16, 2015

Some Azure Internal Load Balancer (ILB) Takeaways

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I’ve been working with a client that is exploring using Azure Web Roles to host enterprise services on a virtual network.  These web roles will be front ended by ILBs.

Here are a few takeaways that I thought were noteworthy:

  • Azure scopes ILB to the hosted service staging slot
  • ILB names can be the same between prod & staging
  • ILB static ip addresses cannot be the same within nor across hosted services (obviously)
  • VIP swaps cannot be done via the portal (throws an “internal error” in the portal)

I don’t think use of the Prod and Staging deployment slots is valid / makes sense if you are using ILBs as the external VIP swap is for the public load balancer.  From an operations perspective, I think it makes more sense to use a completely separate cloud service to avoid the confusion of which one is the active deployment.  However, I will caveat that if you have a large number of cloud services, you may more quickly run into the scalability limit of the number of cloud services in a subscription.

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